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Dear Parents We are well into term three now and with the year quickly drawing to a close, we would like to update you on some things that have taken place over the course of this school year. This year January we welcomed Mrs Nel to our Grade R class and Ms Khosi to our Grade 1 class. Mrs Emmenique Canham joined the office staff and Patricia who assists with the cooking and general upkeep of the school also joined us at the beginning of 2017.

In February we hosted our first Movie Night which was a huge success, enjoyed under the night sky by both parents and learners alike, we hope to have another movie night in the 4th Term.

In May we visited a retirement home and handed over clothing and food donated by learners and parents. Our learners sang to the elderly and the warmth and love was clearly felt in the room by all, some of the elderly were even moved to tears. We will return next year with more learners and spend some much needed time with the elderly.

On the 3rd of June we hosted our very first Family Day at Two Trees Bakery. Much fun was had by our learners and a relaxing day out for our parents, with so much yummy food to go around a wonderful day was had by all! We hope to host many more Family Days in the near future.

During the June/July school holidays we removed all the old carpeting and linoleum and tiled our Grade RRRR/RRR/RR and Grade R class as well as their bathroom. As a result, the classrooms are more hygienic and much warmer, with the clay tiles retaining a lot more heat. Also newly added during the holidays are the huge white boards in each of our classrooms from Grade R – Grade 3. An addition greatly welcomed by our teachers, good bye old black boards and chalk dust! Before winter hit this year, we had heaters installed in all our classrooms, ensuring that our learners would be warm whilst learning. Next on the list is the painting of the school, already which has already begun.

We look forward to work filled Term 3 as we gear towards closing out the year, our annual school play will take place in October, we will confirm dates in Term 4.

We would like to remind our parents of the importance of the communication book and homework, we will do all we can for our learners to ensure that whilst they are here during the school day that they are given the tools to succeed and excel at their school work, however parental input is of great importance. Please check your child’s communication book and homework every day.

We would like to thank you for your continued support as together we grow, learn and prosper.

For any queries please contact Mrs Canham in the office 0116835200

Warm Regards, Yvette Hills - Principal

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